Introduction to collecting Playing Cards.

Swap cards are mostly from a deck of normal playing cards. Collectors take one of each design or pattern from the deck for their collection. Usually there are a pair, but sometimes there may be four decks in a box, with different colours or pictures in each deck. Sometimes there is no 'pair' for a card, if just one pack was produced by the manufacturer, using the same pattern for the entire deck of cards. (Swap cards were also produced by Coles and Woolworths in the 1950's. These are now rare, and highly valued among collectors.)

A matching pair of cards can be the same design with variations in colour, or different pictures with the same kind of border to show they are a pair. There may even be four varieties of the one pattern in different colours. The subjects on the front of cards are endless. Some collectors only save a certain topic, such as animals, or just one kind of animal. Old fashioned or vintage-style pictures such as crinoline ladies and Old Masters paintings are popular. Other collectors specialise in Jokers or Aces.

In 1956, Coles Stores produced four separate sets of cards to commemorate the Olympic Games in Melbourne. There are 28 cards in each set, with flags of the competing nations, flora, fauna, industry, and sporting events pictured on them.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Is anyone still out there??

I think I've done my dash this time....left it far too long for any of the original readers to stay with me.  I've made a final ditch effort, and have been photographing the rest of my cards, ready to post here on a regular basis, but if nobody is left to read it, I won't bother!  Most people seem to have gone on from blogging to Facebook these days, but I won't be going there.


Mary said...

I've just come across this blog!! I used a link from one of your others. How do you find the time?
I have a collection of swap cards but haven't looked at them in YEARS. I even joined a swap card club and attended regular meetings for a couple of year. But I didn't want to trade the cards from my childhood and could only afford to increase my collection so far. I did manage to get a complete collection of the Melbourne Olympics set - I think. Anyway, I will have to look more closely at your blog - and see if I can find my collection.

Julie P said...

Hi I am still interested in reading information about Coles/Woolworths swap cards. I have spoken to my cousin and he knows a lady that has the Coles swap card catalogue and the numbers of all the cards. I collected them when I was young at school and have had a renewed interest in them. (obession- hobby lol) Regards Julie P

Gina E. said...

Hi Mary and Julie,
Thanks for leaving comments on this blog; nice to know there are still some readers! Julie, I didn't know there was a Coles swap card catalogue! I'd love to see it. I've put all my Coles cards into a separate album now, but am not 100% sure that they are all Coles cards. Some are just blank backed, which could mean anything.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just found this site by googling coles catalogue. I'm very interested in reading anything about these fabulous cards - I have a large lot from chidhood but don't know that much about them, Cheers Liz

Julie P said...

Hi, check on ebay all the time, just recently the Coles swap catalogue came up for auction. I made a bid for it, but it went up and sold for $86-00. They do class some of the blank backed cards as Coles swap cards. I have many blank backed Coles cards. They sell a lot of blank backed Coles swap cards on ebay. The Coles swap card guide is by the Australian playing card collector's society. It would be good to see, hope that you are enjoying your swap cards, Regards Julie.

Anonymous said...

You can purchase the COLES catalogue from the Australian Playing Card Collectors Society, they hold their meetings every third Saturday of the month at St Mary's church in Glen Eira Rd Caulfield, meetings start at 11.30 am.

Sue Kelly said...

Hi, I've just found the need to find my old swap card collection on eBay...doing pretty well so far! It brings back a smile when I find a familiar one.
I would also like to get my hands on a Coles catalogue.
There's a Coles card that has several yellow chickens on I think a green background that I'm keen to find....anyone have a spare?

Gina E. said...

Hi Sue,
I have that card with the chickens on. I have had it since I was a kid and always loved it because it was so cute! No spares though, just the one.