Introduction to collecting Playing Cards.

Swap cards are mostly from a deck of normal playing cards. Collectors take one of each design or pattern from the deck for their collection. Usually there are a pair, but sometimes there may be four decks in a box, with different colours or pictures in each deck. Sometimes there is no 'pair' for a card, if just one pack was produced by the manufacturer, using the same pattern for the entire deck of cards. (Swap cards were also produced by Coles and Woolworths in the 1950's. These are now rare, and highly valued among collectors.)

A matching pair of cards can be the same design with variations in colour, or different pictures with the same kind of border to show they are a pair. There may even be four varieties of the one pattern in different colours. The subjects on the front of cards are endless. Some collectors only save a certain topic, such as animals, or just one kind of animal. Old fashioned or vintage-style pictures such as crinoline ladies and Old Masters paintings are popular. Other collectors specialise in Jokers or Aces.

In 1956, Coles Stores produced four separate sets of cards to commemorate the Olympic Games in Melbourne. There are 28 cards in each set, with flags of the competing nations, flora, fauna, industry, and sporting events pictured on them.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Anyone here?

It has been two and a half years since I posted anything here, and one or two people have commented, but not recently, so I think it is time this blog was closed.  


Tracey said...

I have loads of swap cards and was wondering if any are considered highly collectable I can keep for my young girls

Gina E. said...

Where are you Tracey? If you are in Melbourne there are two major card collecting clubs that you could take your cards to. The members would be happy to look at your cards and tell you what they are worth. I would be keeping them anyway, as I'm sure your daughters would love to have them once they are old enough to appreciate them.

Anonymous said...

How does one find out when a card was released or how many cards there might be a in particular series, say with cards from the 1950s and 60s? Are there books or websites available?

Helen Burns said...

I have recently rediscovered my swapcard collection from the 1970s in a box in the back of my cupboard. I am interested in reading your blog, so if you are planning to continue to your blog that would be great. Ive got no idea what value my cards have apart from the sentimental, but I can still remember wishing I had the pair or set of specific cards that other girls got...perhaps they are still out there somewhere!
Thank you

Jason said...

Am here. Would love to know anything you know about a Woolworths series that included Isaac Newton. For instance, what was the year of issue? Who else was featured?

Gina E. said...

Sorry Jason, I don't know anything about that series of cards.

ray turner said...

Hi All ,I have been handed about 1000 swap card's no idea about them must be old try looking for information but I give up can I send someone pic to have look please.Thanks

Gina E. said...

Ray Turner, I have no way of replying to your comment, so if you see this please email me at